13 November 2008


247 / PUPITAR - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Pupitar
Type: Rock/Ground
Species: Hard Shell Pokémon
Height: 1.2 m (3' 11")
Weight: 152.0 kg (335.1 lbs)
Interesting Facts: They appear very much like other pupal stage Pokémon, such as Metapod and Kakuna. However, unlike these two Pokémon, it is far from helpless - Pupitar are capable of venting gas to propel themselves around, in fact, they possess enough power to topple mountains. It evolves from Larvitar starting at level 30, and evolves into Tyranitar starting at level 55.

Height: 56.6 cm/22.3 in
Width: 44.7 cm/17.6 in
Depth: 30.2 cm/11.9 in
No. of Pages: 26
Level: Hard
Designer: Pixel-Kakashi
Photo: Anon
NOTES: It's half-size ... that's BIG!

Download: A4 / Letter


bashrika said...

how do i open the file?


The download file is a Zip file which you open using WinZip or another archive utility.

It includes:
- several PDFs which you can print directly out using Adobe Reader, and
- a PDO file which can only be opened in Pepakura Viewer.

To the bottom right of this screen you will see a box that says "Download Links". These are the programs you will require.

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or pages 11 and 12 have a difficult time in being printed as a result of the big piece being too close to the printer margins?

Anonymous said...

no. of pieces??

Think pretty much

torterra2234 said...

is there any way to shrink it in pepakura, to say, half size? id love to make it the size it is but i dont have enough room.

if not, is there any chance of a smaller version?

Benvz2001 said...

make a half size version of rayquaza.