20 April 2009


220 / SWINUB - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Ice /Ground
Species: Pig Pokémon
Height: 0.4 m (1′04″)
Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Living in frigid temperatures, these Pokémon are covered in dense hair to keep them warm. They use their noses to dig through mud and snow, looking for anything edible. Their sense of smell is quite powerful, able to smell food through thick snow. It evolves into Piloswine starting at level 33, who evolves into Mamoswine when leveled up while knowing AncientPower.

Height: 12.0 cm/4.7 in
Width: 16.6 cm/ 6.5 in
Depth: 11.9 cm/4.6 in
No. of Pages: 3
No. of Pieces: 27
Level: Easy-Medium
Designer: Brandon / PMF
Photo: PMF
NOTES: Build the head and body, then glue the spiky hairs around and finish by the belly. Build the feet if you want, but they wont show much.

Download: A4 / Letter


frogboy 96/ vlurp111 said...

I LOVE the piloswine. GREAT JOB!

I don't know how difficult this would be but could you guys try to make a gallade or pachirisu?
I think those 2 pkmn are AWSOME!

aíto said...

Hi! Im trying to make a PC case with the Piloswine one, but I need it to be quite bigger. Could you please make send me this file unlocked? Thanks!


We don't generally release unlocked versions of our PDO's, but if you tell us how big you want it to be, we might be able to rescale it and add a download on the blog.

aíto said...

Hi! I really apreciate your help. If it is possible, I need it to be like 2x the actual size. Thanks!

Paperbuff said...

It's do-able, but everyone in the team is quite busy at the moment so you may have to wait for a little bit.

aíto said...

Thanks! I'll wait whatever it takes ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm having huge difficulties with those spikey hairs on the Swinub. What's the easiest way to attach them?

Anonymous said...

hi im having trouble with the spikes too. how are they put together?

Anonymous said...

which piece is it's feet