11 May 2009


252 / TREECKO - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Grass
Species: World Gecko Pokémon
Height: 0.5 m (1′08″)
Weight: 5.0 kg (11.0 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: The soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings. It evolves into Grovyle starting at level 16, who evolves into Sceptile starting at level 36. Along with Torchic and Mudkip, it is one of three starter Pokémon players can choose from at the beginning of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Height: 20 cm/ 7.8 in
Width: 17.5 cm/ 6.8 in
Depth: 17.6 cm/ 6.9 in
No. of Pages: 6
No. of Pieces: 62
Level: Medium
Designer: Brandon
Photo: Lyrin
NOTES: Build by following the numbered pieces. Helpful instructional photos are also included in the download pack.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

nice papercraft very cool =D!!
ey why dont u make charizard or mewtwo in papercraft theres be cool to x3

Sgonzales22 said...

Yay! Treecko, now if only there was a Sceptile...
Great job as always Paperpokes team.

Anonymous said...

You misspelled 'the', just thought I'd point that out. I'm a big Stickler.
BUt otherwise, this looks amazing.

Paperbuff said...

Thanks, fixed.

Anonymous said...

Its saying something about rar,what is rar? how do I download it?


A .rar file is kind of like another form of a .zip file. To unpack it, you will need a program such as 7-zip (which unpacks both .zip and .rar files):

Runescapian said...

Mudkip and Torchic were my first 2 Paperpokes, both having huge glue tabs... and Treecko's fingers are getting really annoying now >.< At least I'm done with the right hand...

Anonymous said...

Great model, although the fingers were a pain (He now has an Automail left arm made of duct tape, since I couldn't figure out the fingers). I'm making it for a friend for Christmas.

How do you attatch the tails? I'm not sure how they go on. Someone please respond quickly, since I need this and one other model (Which I haven't even started on yet) done by tommorow! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

'World gecko'?
It's the 'wood gecko' Pokémon.

Anonymous said...

hey can you put how to make treecko's head.i don't no how to do it

Sasori said...

Excuse me but could you include a shiny texture with this model to open in pep viewer? Because otherwise it cant be done shiny without those extra paint blotches... reply soon plz, Thanx
its an awesome model, it completes my hoenn trio :)

Anonymous said...


Pokeman said...

I dont know how to get the pieces

Brandon said...

The "A4 / Letter" links at the bottom have download packs. The FAQ details how to utilize the files in there too: