31 August 2009


330 / FLYGON - Pokémon Papercraft
Type: Ground/Dragon
Species: Mystic Pokémon
Height: 1.83 m (6′07″)
Weight: 82.01 kg (180.8 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: Flygon is a large, light green, insect-like dragon Pokémon. Flygon's tail has several dark green stripes and three green rhombus shapes at the end. Flygon has a pair of green rhombus-shaped wings, toeless feet and tri-clawed hands. Flygon has red-lensed "goggles" covering its eyes and a pair of green antennae. This dragon Pokémon is highly adapted to life in the desert. It's also known as "the spirit of the desert" due to the sound its wings make in sandstorms. When it flaps its wings, it inadvertently kicks up a cloud of dust, which serves to protect it from potential enemies. The flapping wings create a very unusual "singing" sound. Because this sound is usually heard in the presence of sandstorms, it was thought that this Pokémon was the spirit of the desert.

Height: 18 cm/ 7.1 in
Width: 26.1 cm/ 10.3 in
Depth: 20.2 cm/8 in
No. of Pages: 6
No. of Pieces: 56
Level: Hard
Designer: Brandon, Lyrin
Photo: Lyrin
NOTES: Text File with instructions included with the craft.
Edit- Sorry about not including the instructions, fixed now.

Download: A4 / Letter


CebolaXD said...

Awesome as always =)

Dragina said...

Ah! Yes! it is SO amazing!
I am going to print this right Now!
Thank you guys so much!
You rule!

~Dragina ^_^~

Carnilmo said...

Yeah! I just HAD TO stop building my eeveelutions to start building Flygon! One of my favorite Pokémon, thanks you guys! Outstanding work!
But I think there's something wrong. I've printed pages 3 and 4 with no problems, but when I try to print pages 2 and 5, an error appears? Is it maybe something wrong with the file??
I need my Flygon!!!

Anonymous said...

super awesome

Unknown said...

is there any way you could post this not in rar i dont have the application to oppen it and i cant afford it either please help me


Tristan, here is a freeware that you can install that will allow you to unpack a .RAR file: http://www.download.com/Free-RAR-Extract-Frog/3000-2250_4-10804840.html?cdlPid=10804841

Anonymous said...

so how can I get the intruction?

Anonymous said...

Cool as always...thanks guys for this Flygon.And oh Yeah...PAPERPOKES RULES!!

Anonymous said...


FabianSkamel said...

For designers, congratulations is a great model, but may indicate where they are placed well in the wings? ... mine looks good but the wings were uneven

Anonymous said...

hey, this was the first one i ever did off this website (i didnt see the difficulty =P) and even though mine is kinda ugly (its missing a hand and a foot is falling off) i still like it... you guys are SOOOOOO talented!

Arianna said...

Holy Skaro, you guys are on deviantART?! XD Wow, I'm going to have to look for you!

Anonymous said...

my flygons hands are screwy any tips?

Anonymous said...

chibi? it looks like u would just have 2 tweak charizard a bit but then mabe thats just me

WhyNne0w said...

Very nice! I am hoping for a Vibrava next time~

Anonymous said...

Wow... I think you should've just made the pdf overflowpaint, no offence (if you will be).

Anonymous said...

I realy like Flygon! But... I also Almodo. So about making Almodo...

Unknown said...

i can't print mine I'm on mac can i still print it