05 August 2011


WES - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Wes
Species: Trainer
Appearance: Pokémon Colosseum
Interesting Facts: Wes has apparently been with his Pokémon, Umbreon and Espeon, for years, possibly since childhood. Wes joins Team Snagem for unclear reasons and presumably leaves once he becomes disgusted with their actions.

Height: 28.0 cm/ 11.0 in
Width: 19.8 cm/ 7.8 in
Depth: 19.2 cm/ 7.6 in
Pages: 6 + 1 for Optional Pokeballs
Pieces: 87 + Pokeballs
Level: Hard
Designer: Brandon
Photo: LuIS
NOTES: Notes included. Take your time with the fingers, they're the most difficult part. The hair can get a little tricky as well, so try to refer to the pdo if possible. Multiple pokeballs included, as with the Pokémon Trainer.

Download: A4 / Letter Pokeball Textures


Anonymous said...

why is there an evee wes is from pokemon Colosseum not xd and he starts with umbreon and espeon

Anonymous said...

He's sooooo evil .......

Anonymous said...

yay first comment :) this is a great model but i have a question does it stand on its own?

Anonymous said...

why the eevee on the picture?:/

Brandon said...

Eevee's in the picture because Umbreon and Espeon both evolve from Eevee. I believe it stands without weight, I'll double check with Luis to be sure.

Anonymous said...

wow awesome looking papercraft! I'd like to see more people papercrafts

LuIS said...

I have't used any weight on it, but if you feel like you'll need, I suggest placing it in the feet.

zeldaonepiece said...

can you do N sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

N? oh my gosh I agree completely.

Anonymous said...

@zeldaonepiece You do realize that the designers need a 3D model to format the templates right? The trainers you see all come from video game models. Seeing as there isn't a 3ds game featuring N, it would be pretty difficult to design a 3D model or find someone that has the files. It's not so easy to whip out templates like that.


dont worry, we can make it :P

Anonymous said...

A professor sycamore model would be awesome if you can make it! (I know it'll probably be a while if you do make it since the game isn't even out yet)
Thanks in advance!

Great Wes model BTW, a to scale eevee would look nicer (to scale umbreon and espeon would be even better) but still amazing!

Anonymous said...

A+ Wes! There is not nearly enough Colosseum related stuff out there!