21 July 2015


302 / MEGA SABLEYE - Pokémon Papercraft

Name: Sableye (Mega)
Type: Dark/Ghost
Species: Darkness Pokémon
Height: 0.5 m (1'08")
Weight: 11.0 kg (24.3 lbs.)
Interesting Facts: As Mega Sableye, all the energy from its Mega Evolution is concentrated into the red jewel on its chest, causing it to detach from Sableye's body and significantly increase in size; the detached jewel leaves a small hole in Mega Sableye's chest. Its ears elongate, and it gains a spike on the top of its head. Its teeth turn from white to yellow, and its eyes also change from pale blue to a crimson red, with diagonal slits at their inner edges. The enlarged jewel is said to boast such incredible hardness that no attack can even leave a scratch on it. During battle, Mega Sableye shelters itself behind the jewel, from where it can take advantage of any openings its target leaves exposed.

Height: 19.0 cm / 7.48 in
Width: 17.6 cm / 6.93 in
Depth: 15.4 cm / x.x in
Pages: 5
Pieces: 58
Level: Medium
Designer: Olber
Photo: Olber
NOTES: This model is pretty simple to build. Just refer to pdo file to get more orientation. Start at the main spike on its head, then the ears. Build the head top making your way down; attach the ears in the progress. Fold the jewel pieces in order to get well shaped jewels. Glue them before you attach the legs. By the way, you got to attach the legs before closing the model at the "close here" piece. To get the giant jewel sticked to Sableye, use a drop of glue in the rigth arm first finger. Laying the model face up may be useful, in order you let the glue dry. When it's full dried, make it stand and place it correctly.

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

O my goodness! This is epic! Keep it up! There are so many amazing models I don't know what to build next!


Anonymous said...

please actualize the list of all pokemon

Anonymous said...

I'm putting my list of papercrafts on hold for this one! :)
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Finally getting back into these things! I started working on this one last night and I ran into trouble with the black lining at the base of the eye. Checking the PDO didn't really help me.

How does this black piece fit under the eye? I'm not sure how else to describe it - hopefully y'all just know the answer :-D

Thanks for making these!

Unknown said...

Gonna work a video for this, So stay tune :)

Unknown said...

mega sableye *--* thank youu!!

feel27 said...

Paper Origami It's like and origami art

Unknown said...

The pieces arent numbered 😢