28 June 2010


187 / HOPPIP - Pokémon Papercraft
Name: Hoppip
Type: Grass/Flying
Species: Cottonweed Pokémon
Height: 0.4 m (1' 4")
Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
Interesting Facts: Hoppip’s most unique feature is its ability to be blown into the air. Hoppip are by necessity social creatures. Their light bodies make them extremely vulnerable to winds, so they cluster together and link sprouts with each other in order to anchor themselves in place, or grip the ground firmly with its feet to keep from being blown away. It evolves into Skiploom starting at level 18, who evolves into Jumpluff starting at level 27.

Height: 19.0 cm/7.5 in
Width: 15.9 cm/6.3 in
Depth: 13.0 cm/5.1 in
No. of Pages: 4
No. of Pieces: 30
Level: Easy
Designer: PMF
Photo: Skelekitty
NOTES: It's quite small in comparison to our regular models, but still relatively easy to build. Start at the head and close at the bottom - it won't matter if the closing point is messy, because you glue the feet over that part anyway - just follow the numbers. Attach the tail after you have completed the body. With regards to the leaf on it's head, after you have glued the two sides together, you will need to attach it to Hoppip's head with a reasonable blob of super glue (preferably the gel version that is readily available at good hardware stores).

Download: A4 / Letter


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to make this... all of your models are top-notch!! But, when I tried printing the template on my eMac, it said that unless I had a proper password, it would be a low-quality print. I printed it anyway, but I stopped it when it came out with barely visible lines and rough, pixely, jagged edges..........

thirteenfury said...

Anon, which file were you trying to use? The PDF or the PDO? And did you extract the files or try to print them directly from the ZIP file? You need to extract files from ZIP before you can use them.

Anonymous said...

It looks kinda fat :U

Kupo said...

Aw, poor Hoppip, darn leaf must always fall in his face. D:

Anonymous said...

I can't use the .pdo, even if I wanted to, because I have a Mac. I also haven't had any issues with printing out papercrafts in the past.

The problem is that before I printed it, a message came up saying that I needed a password in order to print it out normally; if I didn't I could only print out a low-quality version, which resulted in the print to be all fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

Anon, are you using the pepakura reader or are you using the designer?

Anonymous said...

I can't change the texture for some reason why can't I?

jirachihaunter said...

Man! Too bad I have a low quality black and white printer to print this awesome hoppip

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Hoppip have 4 legs?